who am i
An 18 year old female. Live and attend college in NYC. Really bad at describing myself…but my journal's pretty crazy in that it's pretty simple. So not really crazy at all. If you think you and I are in someway similar, feel free to add me, and I'll probably add you back :]

So I watch a lot of tv/have watched a lot of tv over the years, so here's a broken down list of fandoms, not necessarily in order of preference: Alias. Lost. The Office. House. Prison Break. Desperate Housewives. Pushing Daisies. Gossip Girl. Ugly Betty.

Less crazed fandoms, old and new: Greek. Project Runway. Heroes. ER. Grey's Anatomy. Gilmore Girls.

And I think everyone loves those reruns of Seinfeld, Friends, and Everybody Loves Raymond.

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